Alberta, Canada


Abandoned places have always been one of my favorite things to photograph. When I first got into photography and didn’t have a lot of subjects to shoot, I used to drive around the countryside in search of decaying buildings to explore. I first discovered this house when me and my friend Liz were on our way back from her cottage in Saskatchewan. We saw it nestled in the trees near the back of a farmer’s field and even though the sun was beginning to set, we immediately pulled over to go exploring. A lot of the abandoned places I had previously gone to had been sheds or barns with no previous inhabitants, but this was actually someone’s home.

Knowing that people had once occupied it and had formerly made memories in a space that was now crumbling apart made it especially eerie. We walked around the two story house tentatively, our imaginations running wild with ideas we had seen in horror films. We both dared each other to go into certain rooms first and although most of them were completely empty, one of the bedroom’s upstairs held one of the most haunting spaces I had ever seen. It housed a single, decrepit armchair in the middle of the room. The baby blue wallpaper was peeling off the wooden frame of the house. Exploring abandoned spaces always gives me a slight adrenaline rush, but this one made me feel particularly uneasy. With our hearts racing and the last bit of sun about to dip beneath the horizon, we both felt the urge to get back to the car. I took this photo before we left, but I know even if I didn’t, I would always remember it.